Friday, December 21, 2018

Join us for SMILE

When somebody smiles at you, it feels good and we want to smile back. When you think about “smile”, it denotes positivity, joy, happiness and sociability. At The Dale, SMILE also means a program that offers: Socialization Meaningful Stimulation Inspiring Lunch Exercise SMILE is a new program and will be offered on Wednesdays beginning January 9, 2019 and run from 9:00am – 12:00pm at The Dale Association, 33 Ontario Street, Lockport. Each session will include: games and interactive media, cooking and/or crafts, fellowship, chair exercise, lunch, and of course laughter and so much more. Please call 433-1886 for member/non-member cost and to sign up. I often write about the benefits of socialization and keeping active. Research continues to show that social activity has a positive benefit on health and well-being, and studies show that more socially active older adults have better cognitive outcomes and are less vulnerable to progressive decline. For example, a study shows that over a five-year period, individuals with the largest social networks had 39% less cognitive decline and half the memory decline compared to people with the lowest social interaction. Social activity can take many forms, from one-on-one conversations to group activities. The recent study explored which types of social activity might have the greatest cognitive benefit for older adults. Research suggests that, although individual engagement does provide benefits as well, group engagement may offer unique cognitive benefits to older adults, and that this impact increases as people grow older. Beyond cognitive performance, studies have also suggested that quality of life has additional pay-offs in terms of well-being, and mental and physical health. That’s what The Dale Association is all about and what a great opportunity for you or somebody you know to participate in SMILE. The Dale Association is a unique non profit organization which has been responding to needs of adults in our Niagara community for 67 years. It has been said many times that our services help make lives better and we are proud to be able to do this for people with so many different needs. The Dale Association’s mission is to provide comprehensive services and coordinate connections for adults in Niagara and neighboring counties which enhance their health and wellness and empower them to build bridges into their communities. This important mission is the focal point of each program – including our Senior Services, Mental Health Services, Enrichment Activities, and Caregiver Support Services. Our Senior Services offer activities that enhance health, encourages community involvement, utilizes years of experience and allows for the development of friendships, as well as a sole local resource for the visually and hearing impaired. Memory Minders a social program for individuals with mild memory loss is also among The Dale Association’s community support services helping to improve the quality of life for adults. Our Mental Health Services have the clearly stated goal of assisting people to remain emotionally stable and living independently in the community. The Enrichment Activities are geared to developing and enhancing skills with the objective of adding to the quality of life. The goal of Caregiver Support Services is to help informal caregivers’ ability to manage and coordinate care. For more information about The Dale Association or its programs, please visit or our blog at http://www.ExceptionalYouAtTheDale.blogspot.

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