Monday, November 16, 2015

Beauty at Every Age!

Enjoy an exciting, fun-filled evening at BEAUTY at Every Age: Mind, Body, Spirit and Home on November 17th from 6:00 – 8:00pm at The Dale Association, 33 Ontario Street, Lockport. Learn from exhibitors, psychic readings by Juanita Louise and others, try some body pampering with a massage, watch the all age fashion show, makeover revealed, wine by the glass, and taste some delicious complimentary healthy foods! Indulge yourself; see, try and buy unique products and gifts from vendors selling jewelry, skin care and cosmetics, maple syrup, bags, heal your life coach, seasonal home interior decorations, women’s fashions, crafts, natural pet treats and collars, wickless candles and scented wax, and do much more! The public is invited to attend this free, fun, evening – that is sure to have something for everyone. Psychic readings by Juanita Louise and others will start at 5:00pm for a $10 donation, with proceeds donated to The Dale Association. The fashion show will include models from 4 – 88 years of age wearing fashions from Bling. The makeover reveal is being provided by Hair Chateau. Complimentary Healthy snacks are donated by Univera Healthcare. Bring your girlfriends, your sisters, your mother, your daughters – all are sure to enjoy. Event coordinator, Angie Blackley says, “The event is planned for women of all ages to enjoy a night out. They are sure to have a good time, enjoy the company of other women, and see the vast assortment of vendors – all from our community.” She goes on to say, “There will be many gift ideas, too.”

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happiness Hints

We all strive for happiness – something that has been valued for centuries. Maintaining a positive mood can sometimes be challenging – especially in a fast paced, must get everything done environment. So, some natural mood boosters that are known to work are the topic for this week’s article. Gratitude: Genuinely try to feel grateful – it can bring more meaning and purpose to your life. Looking at the bright side of life and feeling appreciation for the little things in life are great ways to feel better. Remember to say “thank you” for all the little things in your life today. Exercise: Physical and psychological wellbeing are connected. When your body feels good, so does your mind. Physical exercise released the “happy hormones”. Smile: Research shows that if we force ourselves to smile, after a while we do start feeling better. And, it will work both ways. Smiling at somebody may just brighten their day – and receiving a smile may brighten your day. So – smile today! Vitamin D: new research shows that sufficient amounts of vitamin D reduce the chances of developing depression. Our bodies need sunlight to generate vitamin D. The weather forecast for the coming week will offer the perfect opportunity to get outside – take a walk and spend some time in the sun – take advantage of every sunny day. Socialization: Happiness is getting out and being with people, and that's why I recommend it. When it comes to managing our moods, we really do have the power to take control. Have a bright day.