Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Intergenerational Spring Fling

Melt away the monotony of winter this spring break with “Spring Fling” an intergenerational program that is sure to make this years’ spring break memorable. Some will use the week-long vacation to travel, some will use it to relax and recharge, and some will rely on their parents to baby-sit while they work their normal schedule. “Spring Fling” has been scheduled for the week children are off school locally. On April 2nd from 10:00 am – 2:00pm, kids and adults can both enjoy fun crafts, games, and food. Grandparents (or parents) are encouraged to register for this intergenerational activity that will include coloring Easter eggs, games and activities, a pizza party, and fun for both the ages. The program is designed for school aged children of all ages and their grandparents or parents. It promises to be fun for everyone involved. Make the best of spring break and treat your child or grandchild to a fun and enriching day that will create a memorable experience he or she will remember for a lifetime. Intergenerational programs bring together children and older adults, offering them opportunities to interact and create ongoing, beneficial relationships and positive dividends in kids’ and seniors’ lives. Call 433-1886 and talk to Sherry for more details about these intergenerational programs.

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