Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wellderly Week

Have you ever heard of Wellderly Week? Wellderly is a blend of the words “well” and “elderly”. The third week of March is set aside to celebrate and recognize senior citizens who are young at heart. During the week, I hope you will select your own Wellderly activity and celebrate in style. Here are some great ideas about how to celebrate being young at heart. Take a class – Find a cooking class or some other type of class that you are interested in. Not only is it a great chance to continue to grow and learn, it also gives you the opportunity to meet and engage with new people. The more you branch out of your comfort zone, the more you gain from the experience. Give Back – volunteer. By giving back to your community, not only are you rewarded with the sense of accomplishment and goodwill, but you’re changing the lives of those around you. Nothing puts your world back into perspective than seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. Exercise – I’m not suggesting you run a marathon (unless that is already your style). What I’m suggesting is to stay active. From gardening to dancing to yoga or Qi Gong , there are a variety of ways t keep your body limber and moving. Whatever you do, don’t stop moving. Go on a date – whether it’s with your longtime spouse or the cutie from the center, take a special night to show how you care. Appreciate all the ways they have helped you feel young. Throw a party – get together with friends. This is a great time to celebrate life. And, add balloons and a cake – just to make it a real party! You may have your own ideas about how to celebrate being well and elderly – just celebrate!

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