Monday, June 4, 2012

Improving Your Mood

For reasons that are not always apparent, you may sometimes feel a little down or fatigued.  The cause, or combination of causes, may be anything from a recent emotional upset or a major change in your life to a stressful period of time in your life.  To keep a positive flow of energy in your life, try these simple strategies.
Improving your mood need not be time consuming or expensive – learn to appreciate simple pleasures, such as a matinee movie or a long chat with a friend can do wonders to brighten your day.
Make sure you are well rested.  According to the National Institute on Aging, an estimated 30 percent of middle aged Americans don’t get enough sleep. 
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day.  Moderate exercise is an activity that leaves you feeling warm, but still able to talk.  And don’t forget routine activities like mopping the floor and raking leaves are considered moderate exercise. Although no amount of physical activity can stop the biological aging process, there is evidence that regular exercise can minimize the physiological effects of an otherwise sedentary lifestyle and increase active life expectancy by limiting the development and progression of chronic disease and disabling conditions.
Music has the ability to alter your mood.  If you want to relax, listen to slow, soothing classical music.  To energize yourself, pick something that is faster such as jazz or pop.  Or consider making your own music by playing a musical instrument. 
Taking up a new hobby provides you with feelings, which can improve your sense of well being.  Bringing a little creativity into your life can mean something as simple as trying a new recipe or a more involved project like woodworking or landscaping.  The important thing is to develop a new interest. 
By making a difference in the lives of others and becoming active, you generate positive feelings in your own life.  Volunteering will fill your heart and let goodness shine in your life.  Studies show that people who volunteer as little as two hours per week improve their own health.  Worries drift away when you focus on others.
Try one of these strategies to distract your attention from the hectic pace of life around you and restore the energy you need to live a full life.

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